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Citrus Pack

$68.00 $72.00

6 reviews

There is no better feeling than having a routine that actually works for you. This bundle covers the ultimate big 3 which are:

  1. The perfect hair cleanser that leaves your hair feeling lightweight and silky (our Hair & Body Bars)
  2. A conditioner that makes your hair soft, while not leaving any build up but on the other hand, removing it (our ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse)
  3. An everyday lightweight hydrator that gives a lasting moisturizing effect for you hair (our Aloe Hydrating Mists)
Two Bars, one ACV Rinse, and one Aloe Mist typically last one full month for one person. It's the perfect bundle to receive monthly so that you never run out of your hair care needs! Every item in this bundle is:
  • Light & build-up free results
  • Free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and silicones
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Aloe Hydrating Mists: 12 fl oz / 354.8 ml each

ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse: 12 fl oz / 354.8 ml

Full-Size Soap Bar: 4.5 oz each

    • If you are allergic to any essential oils, please contact us before using any of our products
    • All soaps are hand-cut (natural look)
    • Do not use on infants 
    • If your scalp or skin are highly sensitive, we recommend use our unscented bar soap
    • Do not get in eyes (if soap or ACV does get in your eyes, immediately wash with cold running water)
    • Do not scrub bar directly in hair (Lather into hands or a rag then apply on hair)
    • Our products are not intended for medical use
    • Allergies: Those with allergies to any of our ingredients should not use our products. In case of doubt or worry please conduct a patch test here
    • If you feel a mild burning sensation on your skin when using ACV Rinse, wash with FreeTheRoots bar (or any delicate soap) and water

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    NaQari Harris

    The Citrus Pack has become my favorite! The smell wakes me up in the morning and keeps my hair moisturized. Love it!

    Michael Chinn
    This company is fire.

    I got the microfiber towel, the ACV Rinse, all the hydration sprays except pine mint, and some of the bar soaps. So far everything's works great, the smells are wonderful, and customer service is A1.

    Ryann Holmes
    Love it!

    Been looking for years for a good wash routine! Best products ever! and love supporting Black owned businesses. hope they sell scalp oils one day, and wish there was a subscription option! Keep it up!

    Theresa Todd
    I'm enjoying the products!

    I have heard a lot about Free The Roots and jumped on the chance to try the Citrus Pack at a sale price. I love the smell of citrus in hair care products and this didn't disappoint. I cut off a small chunk of the bar (tip from Knot Nation) and I got so much lather out of it - and with some left over. I also used the ACV rinse. My hair feels so light and fluffy - and soft. I am *really* impressed with the quality of the products. And the hydrating mists really do a great job of calming my scalp and cutting down on the itch. Keep up the good work!

    Oh wow! This is so awesome, Theresa!

    Thank you for leaving such an awesome, thorough review. It makes our day to know that our products are making a difference and loved by customers. Have you tried our Microfiber towel as well? It makes drying your hair much easier on wash day!

    We appreciate your support!

    - FTR Support Team

    Citrus Pack

    So, I finally was able to try out all the products in the citrus pack - and this may be a personal opinion - but the citrus peel ACV rinse seems to work even BETTER than the rosemary. I usually use both it before and after washing, but may only need to use it once per wash day now honestly, it’s been that effective for me. It also just leaves your scalp feeling unbelievably refreshed and detoxed - not that the rosemary ACV doesn’t - but to me the citrus peel just hits different.
    Now the citrus bar gotta be in my top 3 - and I’ve tried everything except the unscented bar. It’s very reminiscent of the cool lemon bar, but more subtle & smooth (in my opinion). As far as the scent itself, it’s probably my favorite behind herb garden. Much like the ACV rinse, this bar will definitely leave a lovely detoxified sensation on your scalp/skin.
    The grapefruit aloe mist is also straight gas. Much like the citrus bar, this mist is refreshing with a super subtle sweetness to it - perfect for this hot weather right now - but also something I would definitely use during other seasons as well.

    Overall, this is a legitimately a great deal - and a perfect starter kit for anyone beginning their loc journey, or anyone looking to transition to all natural/holistic care products.

    I’m almost at one year loc’d & have had freetheroots products for almost the entire journey so far, so I just wanted to show a bit of gratitude for them! I likely would have gave up along the way without their products, so thank you to everyone at freetheroots genuinely!

    Much Love,