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Conditioning Pack

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7 reviews

This is the ultimate combination to combat dry and/or dull hair! Our ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse gets the job done during wash day by rebalancing your hair and scalp's pH, smoothing out each hair strand, and softening your hair. On the other hand, our Aloe Hydrating Mists should be used daily and gives your hair lasting moisture, making your hair feel conditioned every day! Both products are:

  • Light & build-up free results
  • Free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and silicones
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Aloe Hydrating Mists: 12 fl oz / 354.8 ml each

ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse: 12 fl oz / 354.8 ml

    • If you are allergic to any essential oils, please contact us before using any of our products
    • Do not use on infants 
    • Do not get in eyes (if ACV does get in your eyes, immediately wash with cold running water)
    • Our products are not intended for medical use
    • Allergies: Those with allergies to any of our ingredients should not use our products. In case of doubt or worry please conduct a patch test here
    • If you feel a mild burning sensation on your skin when using ACV Rinse, wash with FreeTheRoots bar (or any delicate soap) and water
    • For extreme dryness, use before applying oils to seal hydration when using the Aloe Mists

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Emmanuel Oyeleke
    I liked it

    Being completely unbiased It didn’t give my hair to much build up It also was a good moisturizer and overall I’d say I would purchase the product again.

    Shirelle Cox
    Conditioning Pack

    I have low porosity hair , interlocks (200 +) and THICK hair . I go through a little more of this product than I think someone normally would but I know it’s because I have a lot of hair and my hair type . It hydrates ! I do it once in the morning and once at night . I’ve also tried the ACV rinse THAT IS A MUST hair is SUPER soft after this and naturally tried the herb , lemon and citrus bar - 10:10 recommended ! I don’t even have to doubt that my hair is clean - I will say if you’re using color in your hair - I use semi it does take it out but that only means IT IS DOING ITS JOB . Totally worth it .

    Alex Neyland

    Conditioning Pack

    Gonna be an FTR fan forever!

    My scalp and my locs are so much healthier and notably softer and more moisturized since using FTR products! Hoping and praying they never change a thing!

    Sharice Osei

    Conditioning Pack