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Coconut Oil | Free The Roots

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular natural oils because of its ability to moisten and soften your skin & hair. When using coconut oil to make natural soap, it is combined with other oils in a process called saponification. Compared to other oils that are used to make natural soap, this oil gives the best cleansing properties and is responsible for the excellent lather & firmness of the bar. It is one of the key ingredients we use when crafting our high-quality natural bars! Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for both your hair and skin, especially when applied directly (only when used in the right amounts). Learn more about how it can benefit you below! 

How Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Hair

Coconut oil is able to penetrate your hair more effectively than most natural oils. This is important because it helps prevent your natural hair from becoming damaged and frizzy. It does so by protecting your hair from losing protein, which keeps your hair strong and healthy.

Everyone wants their natural hair to look full and grow effectively. Although coconut oil doesn't directly promote hair growth, it does protect your hair from various traits that can stunt your hair growth. It is exceptionally moisturizing which helps to prevent breakage and dry scalp. Coconut oil can definitely help assist in having full, healthy, strong natural hair.

Do not misuse coconut oil! When overused, it can result in build-up on your scalp which leads to a damaged scalp with clogged pores. Coconut oil is a heavier oil and should be used in small amounts for the most effective results.

Coconut Oil Benefits For Your Skin

Coconut oil is perfect for making your skin come to life! It carries superior moisturizing properties that result in significant skin hydration. Additionally, coconut oil strengthens the skin barrier which can help your skin retain moisture. Strengthening your skin barrier also helps to protect your body from bacteria and diseases. These 3 properties make coconut oil great for skin:

  1. Anti-bacterial properties
  2. Barrier repair properties
  3. Moisturizing properties

If you have oily skin, coconut oil should only be applied directly to your skin if used in very small amounts!