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From Nature to Body

Made From Nature To Nourish Your Natural Hair & Skin

Our Newest Addition

Our ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse is changing the game! One customer said:

"I will say I didn't think I needed it and couldn't have been more wrong", and another "I love the smell and it left my locs feeling super soft. "

It also is a natural remedy for many scalp issues as one review stated:

"It’s great at stopping my scalp from itching and for making flakes disappear"

Check The Benefits

Hair & Skin

Our community is the heart of who we are and we understand the importance of your hair & skin. Before we released our first product (our soap bars), we helped over 10,000 individuals through their healthy hair journeys. 

We now craft recipes with one goal in mind, to effectively improve the health of your hair & skin. Through freeing the root of the truth and intentional creations, we will help all to embrace their natural beauty and take care of it with nature!

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