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NEW Eucalyptus hydrating mist!

We patiently waited 2 years as we were formulating the next legendary Aloe mist. Nothing stimulates your crown or eliminates odors like this... Tap below and bless your senses!

The ACV Rinse That's Changing The Game

There's nothing you can find that conditions, removes build-up, restores your hair's pH, and leads to growth like this! It has over 300 combined five star reviews for a reason. Tap below and transform your crown every wash day!

About us

We are 3 brothers and our community is the heart of who we are! We deeply understand the importance of your hair & skin. Before we released our first product (our soap bars), we helped over 10,000 individuals through their healthy hair journeys. 

We now craft recipes with one goal in mind, to effectively improve the health of your hair & skin. Through freeing the root of the truth and intentional creations, we will help all to embrace their natural beauty and take care of it with nature! Read full story here.

Hair & Skin

We are DEDICATED to the health of your hair and skin. From every single ingredient use, to the specific product lines we offer.

No product offers the exact same benefits as the next! Tap below and check out every last one of them.