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Two Mist Bundle
I roots

Still figuring out if I like the old spray nozzle or the new one lol either way I’ve tried all the products accept the sensitive soap and lavender spray I think. Hands down all the products are amazing nothing compares. I think my fav soap is the cinnamon 🤷🏽‍♂️ Stay up stay positive! 🙌🏽 The acv is intense 👃 but does the trick 👍🏽 YouTube video placeholder
The best hair mist evaaaaa

Wow so I finished my bottle of lavender hair mist 💜 and me and my husband absolutely loved using this. I felt like my scalp could breathe and everytime I inhaled the beautiful scent it brought me peace. It helped with my hair growth and no more dandruff or itchy scalp. I use it after washing my hair and I swear this has been a life changer for me. I cannot wait to try the rose mist next. All of these products are the real deal. 😻✨️😌

The Whole Package

So Im new to the Free the Roots gang and man when I tell you my scalp was so fresh & clean I could literally feel my pores open !! I used the ACV and the garden herb bar soap and top it with the lemon mist 👌🏾

New customer!

I just purchased a bundle with the mist, ACV conditioning spray, and a bar of the soap. My hair feels super clean and refreshed! Will definitely buy again, so glad I stumbled across them on instagram!

Lavender rain soap bar and French lavender mist

This is my second time buying FreeTheRoots products and I love them!! Cleans the hair without leaving “gunk or residue” in my locs. GREAT FOR THE FACE AND BEARD ALSO!!! Make sure you check out the ACV Rinse for the complete package!

Herb Garden Soap Bar
Lorenzo Ruffin II
this **** is great!

my hair feels great and it’s quick and easy to whenever wherever

Herb Garden Soap Bar
Kevin Stringer

I have been using Free The Roots for about 2 years now and I have noticed so much growth and health with my crown and locs. You have to give this company a try!! 10/10 recommendation! You won’t want to go back to anything else. YouTube video placeholder
Lavender Rain Soap Bar and French Lavender mist.”

These two products have to be the best products I’ve used on my locs this far. I’m 9 months into my loc journey and my hair literally loves the soap and mist. I actually use the soap on my hair and body and It doesn’t irritate or over dry my skin. And the smell is impeccable! I use the mist every morning before leaving the house for added moisture throughout the day. It’s literally amazing. These two products are my favorite. My hair is never dry nor brittle and it’s not a heavy moisturizer either. It leaves my hair soft and manageable. I also bought the cool lemon soap bar but I haven’t tried it yet. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. You won’t be sorry. Also, shipping was pretty quick. And if you ever weary, they have AMAZING customer service on Instagram. They answer any and every concern you have concerning their products and your hair. I’ve learned so much by following them.

Rose Water Hydrating Mist

I like the rose water mist because it does it exactly what I want it to do, which is soothing my itchy scalp. My scalp used to be so irritated and itchy. When I couldn't use the essential oils like back to back, this spray definitely helped and became my to go spray.

Cool Lemon Soap Bar
Brandon Brown

Cool Lemon Soap Bar

Build My Basket
Makayla Rodgers
The BEST!!!

I love this company! And I can tell that you guys really have a heart and care for your customers! I'm new in my loc journey and I was scared for a long time to loc up but with yalls help I feel so excited and confident about my locs!! and there are soo many things that I've learned just by following you guys!!! I reallly appreciate all the advice, the do's and don'ts, and the awesome hair products!! You guys rock!!!!❤️🙌🏾

Cool Lemon Soap Bar
Marcus Baker

A1 product

I liked your products, whether it's the bar hair soap or the conditioner, even though the spray arrived broken, I liked it too, it sucks but it's okay

Lemon Herb Aloe Hydrating Mist

Never Going Back to Store-Bought Shampoo

My son and I dont have locs, but we use this to wash our hair and couldnt be more pleased. Our hair gets clean without all the product residue. He has thick, natural hair. I have fine, natural hair. It works great for both of us. I especially like that my scalp doesnt get anywhere near as dry in brtween washes when I use this coupled with the hydrating mist. I dont like to use a lot of products so this is perfect for me.


The smell, how it lathers, cleans my hair, all so so wonderful! I oil my scalp every day and my hair is perfectly clean after I use my bar of soap. Thank you so so much!

Great for Natural Non-Loc'd Hair Too!

My son and I do not have locs but we use this hydrating mist after washing our hair with the garden bar soap after swimming in the pool. The hydrating mist leaves our hair moisturized without any heavy residue and doesnt weigh our hair down. I have fine natural hair and my son has thick natural hair and it works great for both textures. I highly recommend it!

Love the smell

I love this smell, more soap orders coming soon, this family is going to go FAR!!!!! Blessings to this business.

Build My Basket
Mercedes Lawson-Smith
Build my Basket

The ordering process was quick and easy. Still determining if the products are keeping my hair moisturize. So far I have enjoyed the soap bar and apple cider vinegar rinse!

Conditioning + Clarifying ACV Rinse

Very good product , left my hair feeling soft and clean.

Two Mist Bundle
Theresa Griffin

Two Mist Bundle

Two Mist Bundle
Arthur James
Can't get enough

Love Free the Roots products. Very simple to use and get my hair what it needs.

Lemon Herb Aloe Hydrating Mist
IG @yourcrazychef_L.A
Lemon herb aloe hydrating mist

I really enjoy this product. Was looking for a daily moisturizer, some for morning and evening, my hair drys quick. And this list is amazing. Makes my hair feel good and light. The lemon herb scent smells much better than it sounds. And the spray bottle gives the perfect mist. I’m not upset at all with this product of company. And I heard about it from a FB AD. Can wait to try the soap bar

Cinnamon Leaf Soap Bar
Cassie Peabody
Free your Roots!

Over the past 2 years since getting my locs, these are by FAR the BESTones I’ve tried. I’m sensitive to strong scents but these are the perfect blend of fresh and clean. The lavender aloe spray is aromatic and leaves me feeling beautiful. The cinnamon leaf bar is spicy and earthy but also gently scented and smells amazing❤️ will definitely be ordering full size products soon! Show your support, you won’t regret it!!

Great smells

Great soap & smells
Make sure you get the wooden soap holder to keep it from melting too quick!