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Lavender rain soap bar and French lavender mist

This is my second time buying FreeTheRoots products and I love them!! Cleans the hair without leaving “gunk or residue” in my locs. GREAT FOR THE FACE AND BEARD ALSO!!! Make sure you check out the ACV Rinse for the complete package!

Herb Garden Soap Bar
Lorenzo Ruffin II
this **** is great!

my hair feels great and it’s quick and easy to whenever wherever

Herb Garden Soap Bar
Kevin Stringer

I have been using Free The Roots for about 2 years now and I have noticed so much growth and health with my crown and locs. You have to give this company a try!! 10/10 recommendation! You won’t want to go back to anything else. YouTube video placeholder
Lavender Rain Soap Bar and French Lavender mist.”

These two products have to be the best products I’ve used on my locs this far. I’m 9 months into my loc journey and my hair literally loves the soap and mist. I actually use the soap on my hair and body and It doesn’t irritate or over dry my skin. And the smell is impeccable! I use the mist every morning before leaving the house for added moisture throughout the day. It’s literally amazing. These two products are my favorite. My hair is never dry nor brittle and it’s not a heavy moisturizer either. It leaves my hair soft and manageable. I also bought the cool lemon soap bar but I haven’t tried it yet. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. You won’t be sorry. Also, shipping was pretty quick. And if you ever weary, they have AMAZING customer service on Instagram. They answer any and every concern you have concerning their products and your hair. I’ve learned so much by following them.

Build My Basket
Shakeela WilliamsBey

I love the Nature's medicine soap bar. It leaves my scalp and locs feeling so clean and refreshed. I also love the acv conditioning spray. It makes my hair so soft. Lastly I love the moisturizing Rose spray it smells wonderful.

Great product

Leaves hair feeling moistured, daily use.

Cool Lemon Soap Bar
Chris Henderson
I like it

Pretty good. My hair smells good and it helps with part of my maintenance for locs. I will be ordering you more. Plus it’s affordable.

Products can do wonders

Believe in products that give hair life. Trust me you will not regret Freetheroots products.

Because they work

First let me stop and tell everyone and anybody I can about

Freetheroots products

Let me start with the soaps (All of them)They smell absolutely amazing, the feel absolutely amazing to the skin and scalp. They have help my scalp feel so much better, they are light, clean, and bring so much wellness to the scalp and skin. Your scalp feels clean, and skin smooth.
Because the products work, they do what they say there going to do. The products give the life they say they will give, from the soap, to the mist, to AVC conditioners. They provide overall wellness and bring so much to the hair, no matter what kind of hair.
The products are everything they say they are and the brothers that make them are everything. Because they give you what you need, they provide you with what gives life to your life when it comes to skin, and scalp wellness.
I could not have been more pleased with such products. I promise you, you won’t regret your order, so order and thank them later because it works, the products are all that, and I will forever support Freetheroots. 💚🌳💚.
Don’t miss out, nor sleep on these products and if your not sure follow their Instagram for insight and knowledge of where to start.

Rose Mist

Just got it in the mail today. Super excited to add it to my hair care routine. Smells lovely and doesn't feel heavy or greasy in my hair. Great product. Super happy with it 😊

Love it

I use this everyday to keep my locs moisturized and the scent is amazing!

Herb Garden Soap Bar
milous temple jr

nice smell...lathers well...cleans well...

Cinnamon Leaf Soap Bar
milous temple jr

haven't used the bar yet...

Sampler Soap Bars
Christian Casseus
Absolutely F I R E

Been using Free The Roots for a year now. 2 years locked up. Best choice for you’re hair.

Nature's Medicine Soap Bar
Newsletter Subscriber
Love the bar soaps!

I've bought 3 of their bar soaps because I have sensitive skin/scalp, love the idea of natural and healthy products, and I want to support black businesses. FTR checks all those boxes! I bought one bar of soap first as a trial run and was pleased-- So I bought 2 more! I also bout the ACV conditioner spray. I love it! It helped remove build up and it smells better than pure ACV. I'll continue to purchase from this company

Conditioning + Clarifying ACV Rinse

Sensitive Unscented Soap Bar

This is a good bar soap that I used to wash my on my Locs. I thought this was a good soap to use that didn’t leave my hair with residue. Left my hair feeling clean and fresh!!

Cool Lemon Soap Bar
Jasmine Thompson

Cool Lemon Soap Bar

My locs love it

Best Hydrating mist on the market hands down 💯

Mini Mists
Tyrek Hall
Makes the hair feel good

Haven’t had to use any oil since I started using products from free the roots , I just make sure to hydrate early in the morning and it holds me over till the next day with no problem.

the best soap for your hair

Using the medicine soap has been the best decision for my scalp, couldn’t recommend enough!

Favorite Shampoo Since I've Had Locs

Gets my hair very clean and smelling good. It doesn't feel drying and the lather is soooo nice.

Herb Garden Soap Bar
Valjean De La Rosa

Herb Garden Soap Bar

Great Company

The experience I had with FreeTheRoots was great, from customer service to shipping.