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Based on 1654 reviews

My hubby loves it. This product t is a game changer.

It smells so good. I love how easy it is to use.

It’s awesome I used it on my locs and it works great

Long lasting Fresh scent

Love the way it smells! The scent lasts and lasts. I typically have dry hair, so I didn’t feel it moisturized but it could just be my hair but I love it. Use it everyday

Great product

I decided to try the Sensitive Rose mist on about my third or fourth buying of the hydrating mists, but it’s not a favorite scent of mine. Rose scented things aren’t really my go to, but I wanted to switch it up as opposed to the French Lavender scent. On the up side it is a very light scent once it settles in, but initially too floral for me.

The French Lavender is my favorite of the mists so far, it was the first one I tried and i immediately felt like this was the one. I’m about the third or fourth go round I decided to try and switch it up to the sensitive rose mist, which is alright but the French Lavender scent is my staple I think.

Great products

I'm very pleased with how my hair turned out after washing it with the herbal soap. I the sprayed my locs with the ACV mist. After rinsing that out I finished up with aloe hydrating spray. My hair and scalp looked and felt sooooo clean. Further more I felt good about the natural products I just used so I'm not concerned about the long-term effects on my hair or any potential damage. I see myself using these products continuously.

Smells amazing

I love all the scents but this is perfect for winter and leave my hair feeling so moisturized!

Loved it. Smells great. Leaves my hair nice and moisturized. Had to come back and place another order

Sampler Bars

Dislike the smell

Sampler Bars

Smells good

Sampler Bars

Smells good, definitely herb garden

Sampler Bars

Smells good, light scent

Sampler Bars

Smells good!

Sampler Bars

I haven't used anything yet, but this smells good!

My 22yr old grandson loves this bar for his locs my best gift

I use this on my hair and face love it

My all time favorite hydrating must leaves my dreads feeling so refreshed

Dried out my hair

Sorry to hear! Your hair may be sensitive to Lavender essential oil or one of the secondary essential oils in the combo. Thanks for giving it a try though!

If you try out Sensitive Rose, you may have a much better experience since there's a much lower chance you'll have a sensitivity to any of the essential oils in that combo.

Lastly, because our aloe mists are grease-free, some individuals with extra dry hair need a sealant right after using our mists. We just dropped our oil line which would be perfect for you! The oils we have are extremely light and much less prone to causing build up. Hope this helps in some way!

The best hydrating mist

Love this lemon herb aloe hydrating mist it’s my favorite and love the smell and what it does for my hair

So far so good!

Been using for almost two months now! I’ve noticed my locs have a shine and a nice bounce to them 🥹 I love that! Thank you! And I love the smell! 😩🫶🏽

I love the soap. Lots of foam and and cleans my hair well.

Hassle free detox

Perfect for the wash. Really detox’s the hair and cleans deep. Better than soaking your hair and breaking your neck.