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Actually looking forward to washing my hair!

Ive had my locs for 18 years and I haven’t experienced a clean feeling like this before. Because my hair is so long, I usually dread wash day and it takes 3-4 shampoos to get it all. My hair is lighter and softer and I noticed after the very first wash. my hair actually shines now!! I love the new routine and I actually look forward to the next wash 🧼 . after using natural products, I can feel such a huge difference in my scalp breathing, and a big reduction in dandruff. Im really happy with these products 👍🏾


This is waterandground_adventures all of your products work wonders for my locs. Keep up the great work


I was missing a soap bar.

Hey! I will have our team get you over your missing bar ASAP. Sorry about that!


Cinnamon Leaf - The cinnamon leaf bar soap didn’t relief my itchy scalp but it made my hair frizzy free and super soft

Aloe Hydrating Mist lemon herb - keeps my hair moisturized and fluffy and shiny!! I love it! It’s been days and my hair still is super moisturized!

Cool lemon - I haven’t used this on my hair yet but I used it on my face and I can tell you it does wonders!! I had dry patches on my face & puffy eyes and letting the cool lemon bar soap sit and then washed it off, my face was super soft and I applied coconut oil and my face & it did wonders! My puffiness went away in a matter of hours and so did the dry itchy patches! Now I’m really excited to see what it does for my scalp & hair.

ACV Conditioner - I’m not really sure what this exactly does for my hair. So I can’t really comment but I don’t like the fact that half of the bottle is almost gone from ONE use.


I use the products on my locs as well as my moms, we have two different textures but the products work just the same. The daily mist is my favorite but I do love the way the shampoo bars lather as well. All in all it's a 10/10 in my book.