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Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Free The Roots

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Like most essential oils, eucalyptus essential oil is healthy for your skin & hair while providing aromatherapeutic benefits. Eucalyptus oil gives off a strong soothing aroma that smells like a combination of mint, pine, and honey. It is in the same family as tea tree essential oil and has been used in history to control infection outbreaks! We make sure this key ingredient is not affected by the saponification process so that you receive the maximum benefit when using our soap (Nature's Medicine). Read below to find out what this medicinal ingredient does for your scalp, body, and psychological well-being while exploring its intriguing history.

Clean Scalp & Healthy Body  

Eucalyptus essential oil benefits include fighting hair lice, acne, bacteria, and various viruses. Eucalyptus oil is a natural disinfectant which is why it's able to fight off most germs which lead to illnesses. If you have natural hair, this is great news for you! Keeping your scalp clean and healthy should be your number one priority, and eucalyptus essential oil will help prevent bacteria from building up in your hair follicles.

One of the most beneficial uses of eucalyptus essential oil is its ability to:

  • Open constricted airways
  • Ease sore throats
  • Fight the cold and flu

If you suffer from bronchitis, eucalyptus oil is proven to help! According to a study published in the international journal Drug Research, individuals who suffered from bronchitis were given eucalyptus essential oil and did as well as the individuals who were given antibiotics.


If you're having a chaotic day or just need some mental clarity, eucalyptus essential oil has stimulating properties that help to clear mental exhaustion. Although mental exhaustion isn't easy to deal with, it doesn't compare to the struggle of individuals who suffer from migraines. Migraines are painful and can easily lead to a frustrating day. However, eucalyptus oil can ease the pain which will boost your overall mood for the day. In addition, this powerful essential oil can help with fevers.

Australia, Eucalyptus, and Koalas

Eucalyptus trees are extremely popular today and are said to have originated in Australia. There are more than 800 species of eucalyptus trees (often called gum trees) that completely dominate the landscape of Australia. Similar to eucalyptus trees, koalas originated in Australia. They developed an intimate relationship with eucalyptus trees, becoming their main source of diet (in particular the leaves). This is why the two have become inseparable; no eucalyptus trees, no koalas. If you want to donate to help save koalas and protect their habitat, donate here Due to eucalyptus trees being highly adaptable, they can be grown in various environments, making them abundant!


  • Do not use internally
  • Not safe for children under 6
  • Do not use if pregnant
  • Do not use if you have an estrogen-dependent cancer
  • Do not use with homeopathic remedies