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10 Benefits

What sets our ACV Conditioning + Clarifying Rinse a part from everything else is the fact that it conditions and clears build up at the same time! However, there are countless other benefits that will improve your hair & scalp health. Let's dive into them in the slideshow below!

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1. Softens Hair

Most people don't know that ACV is actually a natural conditioner. Combined with various other conditioning natural ingredients, this handcrafted rinse softens your hair over time (not just a momentary feeling).

2. Removes Buildup/Residue

This one might be obvious to some. The most popular ACV benefits is its detox abilities. Regularly using our rinse will stop build up from accumulating!

3. Restores hair + scalp pH balance

Your scalp's natural pH is about 5.5, and the hair shaft pH is about 3.67. Your hair/scalps pH tends to increase which throws its overall health out of balance. Our rinse is acidic (yet not harsh) which rebalances your hair/scalps pH. This restores it to its best natural form.

4. Eliminates Dandruff

One of the main causes of dandruff is fungus related! Specifically it's a fungus called Malassezia (which lives on the skin of all adults). When this fungus takes over your scalp, it can lead to dandruff. Dandruff can also be caused by bacteria growth. ACV and rosemary (the main ingredients in this rinse) effectively control both.

5. Relieves Itchy Scalp

To pick up off the last one, the main contributors of itchy scalp are fungal and bacteria related. ACV and rosemary effectively tackle both! Glycerin is another ingredient used in our rinse that cools your scalp, relieving it of itchiness.

6. Non-Stripping

Unlike clarifying shampoos, our conditioning + clarifying rinse doesn't strip your hair at all! This rare clarifying and conditioning combo leaves your hair rejuvenated.

7. Adds Shine

Every single ingredient in this rinse combats dryness and adds shine. Adding shine isn't just a visual aesthetic, it means a healthier hair strand.

8. Controls Frizz

Before we expand on this we have to say, we love and embrace frizz! However, excessive frizz is a sign of damaged hair strands. When the pH of your hair is high, is can lead to excessive frizz. Our rinse will bring it back down to where it needs to be.

9. Soothes Scalp

From eliminating bacteria to balancing your scalps pH, to even decreasing inflammation, this rinse is packed with the right handful of ingredients to give your scalp the soothing feeling it deserves.

10. Stimulates Hair Growth

What is the best hair growth strategy? Making sure your scalp is healthy! That is the focal goal for everything we make and this rinse is a 10/10 for scalp health. Also, rosemary has been proven in various trials to boost hair growth.