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Sensitive Unscented Soap Bar

$10.50 $12.00


If you have an easily irritated scalp or sensitive skin, we have the perfect bar for you! Our unscented soap doesn’t contain any essential oils and is delicately made with 100% aloe vera gel. Hand-milled to perfection and treated with care, our soap was made just for you. Essential oils can be irritating if you have sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, this bar is perfect for you!

  • Sulfate free
  • PEG free
  • Palm oil free
  • No Artificial scents & colors
  • No Synthetic detergents
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Coconut Oil*, Water, Sweet Almond Oil*, 100% Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter*, Babassu Oil*, Castor Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Citric Acid, Vitamin E Oil

Saponified Oils*


All of our soap bars carry similar characteristics which make them less stripping than liquid shampoo while still getting a true deep clean. They all help with dryness, hair growth, clear skin, irritations, dandruff, etc. and overall attaining healthy hair and skin. However, each bar has it's own unique natural superpowers!

Here is Sensitive Unscented's: Gentle For Skin & Scalp


4.5 oz.

Instructions On How to Use For Hair
  1. Saturate your hair with warm water to get those pores and follicles open!
  2. Lather the bar in your hand under running water.
  3. Massage the suds, that are in your hands, into your scalp then throughout your hair (do no use bar directly on hair).
  4. Thoroughly rinse out fully (with warm water).
  5. Bonus: Once your hair is fully rinsed out and soap free, run cool water through your hair to tighten your pores and follicles, sealing moisture.

Click here to see a video tutorial


  • All soaps are hand-cut (natural look)
  • Similar to all natural soap bars, our bars should be stored on a soap holder (we will soon be releasing a good one)
  • We don't recommend using our bars (or any soap with suds) on infants
  • Do not get in eyes (if soap does get in your eyes, immediately wash with cold running water)
  • Do not scrub bar directly in hair (Lather into hands or a rag then apply on hair)
  • Our products are not intended for medical use
  • Allergies: Those with allergies to any of our ingredients should not use our products. In case of doubt or worry please conduct a patch test here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Super smooth!!

I’ve never had smooth soap before. And this is coming from a Dove girl. I could just immediately feel the difference on my skin compared to other soaps I’ve used in the past. I can also use it as a shampoo and a face wash. The real 3-in-1! (Bars for my hair and body are different FYI)

s Anderson
Sensitive unscented soap bar

Loved it! It didn't cause major itching on my scalp like other products I've used. Plus it left my hair super hydrated after washing it. Will continue to repurchase!

Shauntell Anderson
Sensitive unscented soap bar

I’ve tried so many different shampoos and they all made my scalp super itchy and my locs dry. When I tried the sensitive unscented soap bar I didn’t have to moisturize my locs and scalp on wash day and my scalp just felt so refreshed and it didn’t itch right after cleansing which when I would use other brands my scalp would itch a few hours later. I definitely will be repurchasing.

Micah Smith
Sensitive Unscented Soap Bar

This is a good bar soap that I used to wash my on my Locs. I thought this was a good soap to use that didn’t leave my hair with residue. Left my hair feeling clean and fresh!!

Good results so far!

I just started using the soap bar & mist spray and I'm loving the results. My Locs love the product so I plan on being a long-term customer :)
Thank you